Daigo Mimura participate in IAC Art Exhibition, with 3 new works.
at Azumino Municipal Museum of Modern Art, TOYOSHINA.
12-23, june, 2019

2019年6月12日-23日に, 長野県の安曇野市豊科近代美術館にて, 第43回IAC美術展に出展します。三村大悟は新作3点を展示しています。

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Daigo Mimura is a young Japanese artist and painter. Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 2008.

He started drawing and painting pictures at the age of 2, experimenting with different tools and materials. He learned the joy of art through his interaction with various people. At the age of 6, he showed his first work in a national exhibition. He painted a picture at the age of 7 during a family holiday which was displayed in an exhibition in Sarasota Florida.

In 2016, the family moved to Nagano area which is known for its beautiful and rich natural environment. He opened an atelier there where he actively pursues his passion for drawing and painting.

Since then he started travelling regularly to Hawaii where he enjoys creating art pieces inspired by the beautiful island.



He won the national IAC Exhibition’s Rookie of the year award in 2017. He also received an Honorable Mention from the national IAC Exhibition in 2018.

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